Andrea Thomas on the DS Podcast

Artist Manager and Promoter, Andrea Thomas has an eye for spotting great talent and the skill to nurture it. With a string of sell out live music shows in her trail she also has the ability to take the music to audiences that will appreciate it.

Andrea currently manages two artists, Joe Baxter and Wilson. Last year she was gifted a gold disc by chart topping artist Jp Cooper in recognition of her support and contribution to his career success.

Known by friends as Ang the Realist, she is straight talking, wise and funny. It was a pleasure to have her join us on the DS podcast with our good friend Selina Stone for a casual but candid conversation on self acceptance.

Here’s a quote from the episode.

“We should never accept anything about ourselves that is negative and has a full stop at the end.”

Click the podcast tab in the menu bar to listen to the whole interview.

Monique is the founder of Daughter Shine. She loves music, writing, travel and having fun with her two boys and husband Aaron. Living in a very lively household of men she especially appreciates quality downtime with her girlfriends!

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