"Recognising what you can't do makes you more comfortable with yourself. I found myself most comfortable when I recognised what I didn't have. Because then I wasn't trying to get it."

Romanah Malcom

Romanah Malcolm Dancing With Eloquence

Romanah Malcom is the founder of Eloquent Dance Company in my hometown Birmingham UK. At just 22 years old, she is transforming the lives of young people in the city through the medium of dance. I’ve been moved to tears at her dance shows and seen the many trophies that she’s won, but how did she get here and how straightforward has the journey been?

I had the absolute privilege of catching up with her to hear the full story. Listen to the interview in full on the podcast or watch clips from the interview in our videos section here.

Monique is the founder of Daughter Shine. She loves music, writing, travel and having fun with her two boys and husband Aaron. Living in a very lively household of men she especially appreciates quality downtime with her girlfriends!

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