Selina Stone on the DS Podcast

Tutor and lecturer in Political Theology at St Mellitus College, Selina Stone is completing her Ph.D at the University of Birmingham researching the impact of Pentecostal theology and ministry on issues of social justice.

We’re excited about her future and the influence her voice will have in both the political and faith world. You can follow her blog here.

I’ve always admired Selina’s ability to be frank and cut to the heart of an issue. She joined me for a casual but candid chat with our good friend Andrea Thomas to discuss the topic of self acceptance. We look forward to welcoming her back to speak with us on the topics that form part of her studies in the near future but for now, head over to the podcast page to hear our conversation.

“When you make movements from a position of love and self acceptance, it’s a much more enjoyable journey.”

Selina Stone

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