It was so great to get together and judging from some of the conversations I’ve had since, it was really helpful for many people. I would love to hear more of your thoughts about how it went and have attached a link to a short evaluation form for you to complete here. Please complete your address details because as promised, all completed evaluations will receive a FREE gift in the post if completed by Jan 1st!

A Final Encouragement 

I was truly encouraged by what Aaron shared from the parable of the talents in Matthew 25. He highlighted the fact that God has ENTRUSTED us and I want to re emphasise this thought with you as we get ready to welcome in a new year.

God has TRUSTED each one of us to partner with him in his mission and  ministry in the Earth. Whilst we all have a unique part to play, Matthew 25 and Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount gives us a good idea of what some of this looks like.

It is an honour to serve with the Lord and a responsibility we shouldn’t take lightly, but we don’t need to face it with fear or trepidation either. If God expects us to multiply what he has invested in us, we can trust that he has also given us the ability to do just that – even after what has been a hugely disorientating year for many.

Our time, gifts, resources and money are a borrowed investment that the Lord will one day come back to see the return on. So in 2021 however big or small your portion may be, let’s be faithful with what we have and let’s serve wherever we are joyfully, in confident expectation.

He trusts you, but this year, maybe it’s time for you to start trusting yourself.

Happy New Year!

Monique x

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