You were born to shine. To authentically serve the world and in doing so, reflect the glory of God.

When we say that someone is a shining ‘star’ or even a ‘super star’ it’s usually said to describe their level of notoriety or perhaps to highlight something they are particularly good at. The truth is that every single one of us was born to shine! Shining is not reserved for a select few. 

“We seem to measure the value of people’s contributions (and sometimes their entire lives) by their level of public recognition. In other words, worth is measured by fame and fortune.” Brene Brown

Daughter Shine exists to celebrate the diversity of what shining looks like by recognising the variety of contributions women are making in our world, seen or unseen. In a perfectionist culture that fosters comparison and often causes us to masquerade our true identity, we share the stories of incredible women who have found beauty, strength and purpose on the other side of their imperfections, weaknesses and greatest challenges.

We exist to ignite conversations, inspire and equip women to live purposefully in today’s world. We believe that every woman has a story and a unique contribution to make. We hope that you will find great encouragement as you read our blog, listen to the podcast and attend our events.

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