Hi, I’m Monique,


Daughter Shine is a growing community of audacious women who want to partner in the mission of Christ and make a difference in the world.


I am a first generation Christian millennial. When I think back to being a little girl, I’ve always wanted to ‘shine,’ standout and be a success. After coming to faith at the age of 17, my values were gradually overhauled along with my definition of what it meant to be successful. 


Alongside an independent music career, for the past 12 years I’ve worked as a school teacher, a personal development trainer for women in prison, hosted events , and am now a business owner and mum to 3 boys. I know too well that in our perfectionist culture, finding contentment and purpose that endures throughout the transitions and seeming failures in life isn’t easy.  


Our 20s and 30s are a time of enormous change, self-discovery and life defining decision-making. The pressure to find your purpose, perform  and “boss” life can be overwhelming and the decisions we make at this point around family, career and relationships set the trajectory of our life.

As more of us move away from our place of birth to study, work and adventure, it can also lead to increased isolation and vulnerability as we are removed from our support network and faith communities. Candid conversations that address our challenges in light of God’s truth are desperately needed and Daughter Shine seeks to provide mentorship and sisterhood to bridge this gap.


When Jesus commanded His disciples to shine their light it was an instruction about their purpose to infuse the culture with His presence, perspective and power. Our cultural messages are subtle but powerful and without applying the truth of God’s word these messages may not stop us from filling pews but they can prevent us from truly shining. 


My ultimate goal is to encourage you on your journey so that you can have purpose, progress and the joy of contentment right where you are. Shining is not exclusive to a certain few individuals, nor is it dictated to by our circumstances. Shining is for us all whenever and wherever we are.


Do you ever have the feeling that you are tread milling through life, burning lots of energy but getting no where fast?

Do you struggle with comparing yourself with others?

Maybe you’re struggling to find your way or maybe you feel like you’ve made quite a few wrong turns and don’t quite know how to get back on track. Whether you have passions and dreams burning inside, desperate to find their voice in the world or whether you’re feeling pretty uninspired about what the future holds, God loves you.

DS exists to empower women to authentically serve the world and live the life their made for. I hope you will be one of those women and that together we can bring glory to God in every season of our lives.


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