Daughter Shine is a sisterhood of women boldly fulfilling their God given purpose. When Jesus commanded His disciples to shine their light it was an instruction about their purpose to infuse the culture with His presence, perspective and power. As daughters of the King, we are passionate about authentically serving the world, right where we are and partnering in the transformative mission of Christ.

We’re curious, bold, compassionate, diverse and gritty truth seekers. We have big dreams and big hearts. We pursue justice over our comfortability and we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo for the glory of God.

We’re committed to facing the things that get in the way of us living the life He intended for us, so that transformation takes place on a personal level too. We serve from grace and acceptance because we anchor our hope in the finished work of the cross and the love of Christ. We recognise that shining is not exclusive to a certain few, nor is it dictated to by our circumstances. Shining is for us all whenever and wherever we are.

Maybe you’re struggling to find your way or maybe you feel like you’ve made quite a few wrong turns and don’t quite know how to get back on track. Whether you have passions and dreams burning inside, desperate to find their voice in the world or whether you’re feeling pretty uninspired about what the future holds, God loves you and his plans for you haven’t changed. 

We hope you’ll stick around and that together we can shine to the glory of God in every season of our lives.

Many of our events are FREE and just require pre registration. You can take part in our book club, which is always rich in discussion, watch our interviews over on Youtube and join the conversation over on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We love to celebrate and amplify the work of women shining and making a difference so if there’s something or someone you think we should be aware of, let us know!


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